Get a Building Permit

A building permit is required whenever there is any alteration, enlargement or demolition of an existing building and any installation therein of electrical, gas, heating, plumbing or ventilating equipment which affects the health or safety of the users thereof or any other persons is a “new building” to the extent of such change. This would include any building construction, reconstruction, expansion or conversion.

Where do I get a building permit?

You may obtain a general permit application form from the Building Inspector or by linking to the document form below. The Village’s Building Inspection company is General Engineering. Office hours are held at Village Hall on Tuesday mornings, 8 AM - 10 AM, or you may call 608-617-9632 anytime.

Where can I pick up a permit?

Permits and applications can be picked up at the Village Hall during regular business hours (M-Th 8am - 4:30pm, F 8am - 2pm). Permits can also be obtained by downloading the form from our website.

What is the process before I can get the actual permit for new construction?

The applicant must submit a site plan and sufficient plans and specifications of the proposed buildings, machinery and operations. The Building Inspector will make a preliminary review of the application and plans. The Planning Commission will review the application. Within 30 days of its receipt of the application, the Plan Commission shall authorize the Building Inspector to issue or refuse a building permit. More detailed explanations can be found in the Village of Belleville’s code book section of this website.

Other Permits that Might be Required

  • Sign Permit - For signs, canopies, awnings, and billboards.
  • Sellers Permit - Any transient merchant to engage in direct sales within the Village of Belleville must be registered for that purpose.
  • Tree Removal Permit - For removal of trees and stumps.
  • Fence Permit
  • Street Use Permit
  • Driveway Permit Application - Needed when a proposed private driveway is to be constructed.
Many of these forms are available on this site under Forms, Permits, Licenses.