Welcome to the Office of the Village Administrator!

The Village has operated under the council-manager form of government since 2008. The Village Administrator is the Village's chief administrative officer, appointed by the Village Presidentand Board of Trustees. The Village Administrator is charged with implementing the policy directives of the Village Board and oversees all day-to-day operations of the Village. 

The Village Administrator's Office is responsible for providing overall direction and administration of policies and programs established by the Village President and Board of Trustees, as well as preparation of the annual budget. The Village of Belleville employs approximately 24 people driven by core values of Action-oriented, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, and Teamwork.

Primary Units & Key Functions
The Administration Department serves as the hub for Village government, administrative, communications, and personnel-related operations. The Administrative Department strives effectively and efficiently to other departmental personnel, resident, appointed and elected officials, and the general public.

  • Communications - oversees Village communications, disseminating timely information about Village services and programs to the public, businesses, media, employees, and other stakeholders. 
  • Community Development - oversees Village Planning and Development operations. 
  • Financial Planning - Partners with the Finance Department on budget management and development, long-term financial planning, and debt management.
  • Information Technology - Oversees the Information Technology Consultants Contract.
  • Legal - Oversees the Village Attorney Consultants Contract. 
  • Personnel Management - The Village Administrator is the Personnel Officer.