Belleville 2035: Future Ready

The Village is engaged in a process to develop a ten-year strategic plan (Belleville 2035: Future Ready) for the Village. The Belleville 2035: Future Ready strategic plan will be designed to position Belleville to get ahead of issues our community will face through the next ten years. This plan sets a course for future generations to live, work, and play in a community positioned for the future. The Belleville 2035: Future Ready strategic plan will be a living document that will be updated regularly to reflect changing conditions and challenges. The success of the planning process lies in the execution and implementation of the strategies and priorities moving forward.

2025 - 2026 Belleville Go Plan
This document serves as a link between the Belleville 2035: Future Ready Strategic Plan, adopted in 2024, and the Village's priorities for the coming year. The document affirms the goals and strategies of the original Strategic Plan and outlines an action plan that can be worked into the next budget cycle planned for the Fall of each year. The document is changed yearly to encompass past plans and adjust priorities accordingly. 

Screenshot 2024-02-05 195814How it fits in the broader framework of the Village:
  • The Comprehensive Plan is used to inform the Strategic Plan.
  • The Strategic Plan drives the Annual Operating Budget and CIP.
  • The Annual Operating Budget moderates the Strategic Plan.
  • The Annual Operating Budget also enables the Village to operate
    Strategic Management.