Pricing and Information Sheet

1. General Information - The cemetery is owned by the village of Belleville.  Operation and maintenance is by Belleville Public Works Department.  Sale and viewing of lots are from 7 am to 3 pm during weekdays. 
Appointment for other times may be made by calling 608-424-3666. 

2. All monuments and/or markers must be placed on a twelve (12) inch concrete foundation base on soil not disturbed by the grave opening.  The foundation must be inspected by Public Works before it can be poured.  The base must extend beyond the monument or marker by a minimum of 12 inches on each side and five inches in the front and back.  The top of the concrete foundation must be constructed flush with ground line.  The maximum height of monuments and/or markers shall not exceed 30 inches.  Regardless of the number of interments per grave, only one marker will be allowed on a lot.   A temporary marker must be removed or replaced with a permanent marker within nine months.  No person shall erect or cause to have erected any permanent object other than above mentioned monuments and markers without prior approval of the public works director or committee.  The Monument Company must notify the Public Works Department at least two days prior to dong the work.

3. Decorations

A. All decorations, including urns, must be placed on the concrete foundation base and whenever possible, only on either end of the marker.   April 1 through November 1 
B. Decorations may be placed at any time during growing season but will be removed when it becomes unsightly or as deemed unnecessary by the grounds keeper.
C. Decorations maybe placed in front and back of the monument November 1 through March 1.  These decorations must be removed by April 1.  During first week of April each year the grounds keepers will dispose of all unsightly or undesirable decorations.
D. All live plants must be placed in urns (limit two).  Glass or wire containers will not be allowed.
E. Fresh flowers placed on a grave at the time of the funeral must be removed within seven  days or when they become undesirable.
F. Trees, shrubs and other perennials may only be planted with the approval of the public works committee.
G. The contractor digging graves is responsible for repair of all damages.  The public works department will mark out all graves sites.  A public works employee will be present during the digging.  Large equipment is allowed only on the roads.

4.  Pets will only be allowed in the cemetery when confined in a vehicle.