Economic Development Committee

The Belleville Economic Development Committee is available to assist in recruiting and retaining businesses and industries in the area. Assistance is also available for businesses and industries seeking information on site locations, financing, utility rates, taxes and other resources. Please feel free to contact one of the committee members or the Village of Belleville to assist you in your decision making process. The Belleville Economic Development Committee is the economic development arm of the Village of Belleville.  Its purpose is to assist with the growth of existing businesses in the village of Belleville and to attract new businesses by promoting our community.

Specifically, the purpose of the Belleville Economic Development Committee is to:

  • Lead and coordinate community development initiatives in conjunction with the Village of Belleville.
  • Attract new businesses to the Village by establishing first contact with potential business startups, entrepreneurs, and expanding businesses. After initial contact the committee will provide early stage professional assistance to companies interested in locating in Belleville.
  • Work with existing businesses and local business organizations in the Village to help in their growth and expansion through funding, technical, advisory, and infrastructure programs available to Belleville.
  • Cooperate with economic development agencies and organizations to improve the economic development efforts in the Belleville area.
  • Pursue grants, agency funding and contributions that benefit the Village of Belleville.
  • Promote enhancements that improve the Belleville area.
  • Work with the Village Board and their staff to create economic opportunities in the Village.
  • Communicate the importance and benefits of development in all businesses outside governmental sectors and citizens in the Village of Belleville.
  • Promote Belleville on a regional, statewide, and national level.

Contact: Marie Perry, Chair